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Anonymous asked:

hey there, ur page is awesome keep it coming!word of advice,is do things randomly. u said about her being away, she has smacks in count. just out of the blue tell her to get over your knee, ull know she is learning when there is no longer hesitation.

Thanks, I appreciate the advice (: this is still new to me so anything helps. Why anon?

I can’t wait until we live together. Coming home every night from work and opening the door to see her on her knees, back straight, eyes down, wearing only her collar and lingerie (or any other outfit I specify beforehand) waiting for my command. No matter how horrible work was, I know that’s going to lift my spirits every time without fail. Also going to sleep with her every night and waking up next to her every morning, having her bring me coffee in bed to help cure my sleepiness. Even having her ask permission before she can sit on the furniture or watch TV/use my laptop. These are all thoughts that give me warm fuzzies. I know, weird things to get warm fuzzies from, but you like what you like, right?

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